See what works and drive more sales.

Audit™ creates staff accountability, logs activities as they happen, and tracks sales so you can optimize your outreach.

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Built for tech retail

Audit™ is designed to drive more door swings and boxes, and made by people who live and breathe wireless & tech retail.

Create momentum every day

Audit™ focuses your front-line on working their base during slow times. They can see where they stand, and what they need to do next, without the clutter.

Track progress & drive results

Audit™ gives you more visibility into your team's outreach by district, region, associate or campaign, so you can audit each attempt and conversation.

Designed for sales, not just sales people

Trusted by front-line staff to drive 15+ additional activations or renewals every month.

Industry-leading compliance

Brand, legal and privacy compliance that protects all parties

Built-in coaching

Video training and proprietary scripts that make outreach more effective

Enterprise security


Call tracking

A built-in manual dialer that shows that calls were actually made

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Opportunity Management

A super easy funnel to track opportunities and leads, built for retail and SMB funnels

Advanced Reporting

Detailed reports that track sales velocity and funnel progress in retail

Desktop & Tablet Compatability

Optimized for in-store staff and those on-the-go

Activity & Outcome Logging

Track dispositions, schedule follow-ups and assign next actions.

How it all works

Each Statflo product connects seamlessly with the rest to create the best outcomes. See how they work together and how we partner with our customers to grow revenue.

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Under 50 stores
  • View & Filter Smart Lists
  • New Leads & Opportunities
  • Workflows for Retail & SMB
  • Dedicated phone number, per store
  • In-app calling
  • Optional module for door-knocking
  • Designated Customer Success Manager
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Same as Standard, plus:
  • Custom dispositions & funnel stages
  • Advanced sales cadence enforcement
  • Integrated training content
  • SSO support (OAuth/LAMP/SAML)
  • Advanced call workflows
  • Advanced reporting options
  • White-label option
  • Dedicated Account Team
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Here are some we get asked the most

Like any tool, you get what you put into it. If you attend our coaching calls, implement the program as suggested, and encourage your team to feel good about making more money and connecting with customers, you'll get incredible results. Retailers who really make it part of their DNA see 3X the results of the average retailer.

Audit™ is currently being used in thousands of stores with purchases coming in daily from reps taking charge of their customer relationships.

Awesome! Our product plays well with others. Audit™ can be powered by and speak to your CRM so you don't have to duplicate efforts. It’s designed for front-line staff to work on customer base management and to be excellent at customer outreach, so if you are currently thinking about enabling something like that, this product may still be a fit.

We're excited to be the first in the category of one-to-one customer management in retail, and we're always fans of others who show an interest in this space.

It's taken millions in investment and years of testing to build an analytics tool that a retail rep can jump into every day. You can read what we've learned along the way here, but one major category that stands out is compliance. The laws, data requirements, and potential risks for both you and your customers dramatically change as you touch different data and expose it to users.

Audit™ is a web-based application that can be accessed by front-line staff on tablets or desktops. If you have a CRM, Audit™ compliments what you have. If you don't, our standalone version of Audit™ can fill the gaps. While some think of Audit™ as a Retail CRM, it works best as a workflow that sits on top of your BSS / enterprise CRM systems.

Let's talk! Get in touch with our sales team, and we can share how we've done this in the past and what options will be easiest for your team (ex: return files, APIs, Salesforce plugin, S3 buckets, etc).

Talk to Sales to discuss the best options for you. Audit™ can be made available for on-premise installation, white labelling and/or code cuts for advanced customizations.

Most likely yes. It's best to chat with our team about your unique needs, but we've likely dealt with your exact situation before. Audit™ was designed for the most complex retail channel organizations including corporate stores, master agents, third-party retail, agents, kiosks and field teams, who each can have their own internal systems.

It depends on a number of factors, such as how long a store has been open, the scripts used, the excitement / enablement of your staff and the type / amount of Smart Lists purchased. Conversion rates generally increase as staff become more trained and share best practices, but on average we target 4-5%. Retailers that deeply get us involved in the launch and have several mature stores have seen double-digit conversion rates and more than 40 additional transactions per store, per month. Typical reply rates are 18% but some scripts have received a 60% reply rate.

Awesome! Let's do a test in a few stores vs what you currently do. We'll align on the success metric and how to measure it. If we can drive value - sweet! If not, hopefully we'll become friends along the way.

In a recent pilot, we drove 7X the incremental profit they expected in their second month of rollout. Will that happen in every test? No. Will we try our best to always make an impact? Absolutely. We think it's worth a shot.

Wireless and tech retailers have specific needs that we're passionate about on solving, and we've optimized this product for that market because of demand. Audit™ is laser-focused on delivering the best workflows for tech and wireless retail staff to effectively manage their base and sales funnel.

Absolutely! Using spreadsheets or internally-built apps puts you at risk in the event of data leaks and expose you to a lot of risks. "Systems of Compliance", like Audit™, ensure that you have the audit trails necessary to defend yourself as well as protect your customer data from being stored by companies not built from the ground up to handle customer data.