Start the most compliant text conversations.

Retail Conversations™ is the best tool for retail staff to drive sales by building real, human relationships with customers.

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Start conversations that end with a smile (and a purchase)

Statflo enables one-to-one texting at scale.

Industry-leading compliance

Brand, legal and privacy compliance that protects all parties

Turn-key scripts

Trained by millions of real conversations that drove sales within 7 days

Enterprise security


Built for speed

Start and manage hundreds of conversations an hour

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Auto DNC handling

Compliance features to collect and save DNC requests

Track all activities

A complete audit trail of every two-way conversation

Measure the return

Connects with Transform™ to measure the outcomes that result

Log outcomes

Book appointments or follow-ups without leaving the chat

Reach customers the way they want to be reached

One-to-one texting is the most engaging way to connect with customers.

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of texts are opened

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of customers prefer two-way messaging over email or cold calls

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fewer opt-outs than automated SMS marketing and other channels

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gross profit generated per text conversation started in Statflo

Uncover more opportunities for sales through conversation

Learn what your customers need before they even come into your stores.

Actual replies:


"Sorry for all the questions, but this texting for info is so much better than waiting in line at the store"

happy curious

"Hey, Jay, can we make an appointment for me to come in and look around and pick one?"

fast reply wants appt
North Dakota

"Hi Gary.. Thank you for texting... actually yes my #### line needs an upgrade.. Can I come in Monday?"

upgrade monday appt verified purchase on monday

"The screen needs to be replaced as it's cracked in the corner"

screen cracked verified repair 2 days later

"Question for you? I just dropped my phone and cracked my screen. Does the insurance that we got cover that?"

question screen cracked insured

"What would it cost us to add a Apple Watch to our account?"

add apple watch hot lead verified purchase 3 hours later

How it works

Each Statflo product connects seamlessly with the rest to create the best outcomes. See how they work together and how we partner with our customers to grow revenue.

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Under 50 stores
  • Our proprietary chat starters
  • Basic objection handling
  • Two-way conversations
  • Patent-pending language filtering
  • DNC Handling
  • Local number dedicated to store
  • Appointment booking workflow
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Same as Standard, plus:
  • Advanced brand compliance
  • Advanced SMS outbound coaching
  • Custom outcome tracking
  • Embed into your existing app
  • API access
  • Enterprise SLA
  • On-premise hosting options
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Here are some we get asked the most

Like any tool, you get what you put into it. If you attend our coaching calls, implement the program as suggested, and encourage your team to feel good about making more money and connecting with customers, you'll get incredible results. Retailers who really make it part of their DNA see 3X the results of the average retailer.

Retail Conversations™ is currently being used in thousands of stores with purchases coming in daily from reps taking charge of their customer relationships.

They seem lovely! We may sound similar, but here are the things we're focused on: how to get retail staff to do outreach well, how to be completely compliant, and how to have conversations that get double-digit conversion rates.

We also only specialize in one industry at a time, so we can develop case studies, have happy customers, and best practices to raise the bar every year. If that's something you're into, then let's talk.

One of our secrets to the conversion rates we get is the hyper-targeting we do, using Smart Lists™. These ensure personalized messages go to the right person at the right time, and not to just everyone. We believe that sending the same message to every customer at the same time is "cold marketing". While it can be effective the first time it is used, it can lose its impact the second time and beyond. That said, sometimes our customers want to run a promotion and need help getting the word out. In those scenarios, we can discuss options to augment your team and make sure we don't disengage your base.

If you're talking about data import, you may need our Transform™ product. It brings in retail / campaign data, removes duplicates and categorizes it to: ensure compliance, make better campaigns, target smarter and to calculate if a sale happened (once the data is cleaned). An average of 30% of data in point-of-sale systems is attached to duplicate customers, so we built something to specifically bring cleaner data in for analysis and so we can action it.

If you need SSO support, want to embed this product into your app, want to integrate with your BSS provider, want to install it in your network or have other scenarios, talk to Sales to discuss options.

If you have a base of customers who have opted in, of course, we can use that. But if you don't, the way this product is designed uniquely allows some groups of customers to be contacted who have bought from you before but have not expressly opted in. Restrictions apply - you must combine this product with our Transform™, Audit™ and Smart List™ products to ensure you are compliant. Our sales team will be able to discuss whether your goals require express opt-in or not.

It depends on a number of factors, such as how long a store has been open, the scripts used, the excitement / enablement of your staff and the type / amount of Smart Lists purchased. Conversion rates generally increase as staff become more trained and share best practices, but on average we target 4-5%. Retailers that deeply get us involved in the launch and have several mature stores have seen double-digit conversion rates and more than 40 additional transactions per store, per month. Typical reply rates are 18%, but some of our scripts have received a 60% reply rate.

Awesome! Let's do a test in a few stores vs what you currently do. We'll align on the success metric and how to measure it. If we can drive value - sweet! If not, hopefully we'll become friends along the way.

In a recent pilot, we drove 7X the incremental profit they expected in their second month of rollout. Will that happen in every test? No. Will we try our best to always make an impact? Absolutely. We think it's worth a shot.

If you sell wireless phones, smart watches or smart locks, maybe! We're laser-focused on the wireless and tech retail space at the moment. If you'd like recommendations of what you could use in your industry, feel free to connect with us and we'll do our best to make some intros.