Public Brand Guide

Introducing the new Statflo brand

A new look that matches the way we feel


This guide will help you use our brand assets and trademarks, including our logo, the "Statflo" name, content and pictures without having to run through our marketing team every time. If you wish to do something that is not covered by these guidelines, please contact the Marketing Team with a description and mockup of your intended use.


Updating the Statflo brand has been something we've been working on since closing our Series A round in May 2018. We wanted our look to match (1) the way we feel and (2) the extent our whole team cares about every customer.

The new look represents the type of company we want to be: one that pays attention to the details and builds solutions that always drive value. It also matches our desire to invest in quality, improve communication, create more consistent experiences and design features for the long term.

Statflo was founded to create the most compliant way to build warm, authentic customer relationships in retail.

This brand embodies this mission, and we are proud to be on it with you.

- Kevin Gervais, Co-Founder

The Story

The best brands stand for something. We wanted ours to reflect where we came from, why we exist, what we stand for, and who we are.

While we found our roots in data analysis, the Statflo name came to represent more over time. We were making data actionable, and closing the loop to see the results that came from partnering with us. As we built on this, we realized we were most passionate about one thing: transforming a retailer's relationship with their customers from cold to warm through human conversation. It’s magical to think of the millions of connections our customers have been able to maintain last year because of what we do. It took multiple steps to make that possible, something that continually unfolds and is built on the scaffold of the right people and values.

By October 2018, we decided on a look that resonated with our story, and we began a 4-month process to make it part of our DNA and reveal it to some of our key customers and partners.

The transition to the new brand impacts everything we do, from how we measure and coach each other to how we design our products to how we communicate. We are so excited about where it will take us.

Primary Logo Colors

Pantone 213 C

Pantone 241 C

Pantone 2147 C

Pantone 7459 C

Pantone 631 C

Background Colors

Pantone 296 C



Our Colors

Avoid deviating from these colors or creating tints of these values unless approved by our Marketing team.

“Primary" colors act as key colors in illustrations, icons and key titles, but should follow the mood of what is being said. Positive colors are magenta, negative colors are blue. A relationship that is healthy, or a great conversation is warm. A relationship that is dying, or "spray and pray" marketing is cold. Something that was warm can become cold if the wrong message is sent or too much time passes.

Use the "Background" colors as backdrops.


Brandon Text

All branded materials should use the official font, Brandon Text, which can be purchased via MyFonts. Always typeset it with Optical kerning, set the tracking to 0, and set in title case or sentence case (as determined by the content). Headings are mainly 40% larger font size than Body Text. Line spacing of Body Text is usually 1.15.

Subtitles should be in all-caps. Do not set in all-lowercase anywhere.


Our Brand Personality

We love people

We believe in human relationships, not just between retailers and their customers but also the way we build relationships with our customers. It also means showing strong empathy for every person touched by what we create.

It's about data & results

Data drives everything we do, as well as the insight we have from millions of conversations and the audited results of what we delivered for our customers.

Authentically Caffeinated

Our energy is contagious – we’re eternally positive, hopeful and optimistic, while still being authentic. We're motivated by the engagement we get from front-line staff and the conversations we helped create, and that moves us to do even more.

Standing for Something

We saw the "retail renaissance" coming six years ago, and our founders have been in the "SMS for business" space since 2008. We have an opinion on where retail relationships are heading and will share this vision with the world.

Complete Brand Identity Guide

Request the complete brand identity guide from our marketing team, including stock photography, icon packs and more!