Make (messy) data actionable.

Transform™ processes your transactional data for more targeted campaigns, accurate reporting, and higher attribution.

Data that delivers

Patent-pending features that merge, clean, and enrich your data to drive a higher ROI.

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81% less duplicates

Transform™ detects which customer entries should be merged, and automatically connects new purchases with the cleaned record.

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Campaign attribution

Transform™ fixes old product codes and categorizes data so you can measure the results of your campaigns with mathematical accuracy.

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Merge data sets

Transform™ combines flat files, DNC lists, CRM data, POS data, and official carrier campaigns to give you the purest customer accounts.

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Better targeting

Transform™ optimizes Smart Lists™ with better data that draws a bigger picture of a customer's habits, brand affinity, contact preferences, and likelihood of response.

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Enterprise compliance

Transform™ operates within strict SOC 2 Type II policies, so your customer data and PII is accessed, stored, and processed to standards enforced by business laws.

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Auto-update + secure transfer

Transform™ lets you create and disable users via SSO (SAML/OAuth/LDAP) and auto-reassign based on rules. All data we interact with is secure during transit.

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Strategy alignment

Transform™ enforces a contact strategy across dealers who each have their own POS.

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Multi-lingual support

Transform™ processes data in multiple languages and from different regions and zones.

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Complex hierarchies

Transform™ supports complex retail structures and auto-assignment to reps of carrier campaigns.

Transform™ your data into opportunities


Connect & Integrate

Together we decide how to best connect your data streams, raw purchase data, or official campaigns.


Refine in Stages

We implement our engine in stages depending on the quality of your records or your business requirements.


Partner for Your Success

We pull in matching records from your technical partners to enrich your data.

How it works

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